Science and Engineering Group visit to the MBT Treatment Centre at Northacre.

On the 13th December the group travelled  to Westbury to see what happened to our black bin rubbish.
80% of Wiltshires rubbish is sent to this Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant.
We arrived to see a huge warehouse and no sign of rubbish!
The plant manager carefully explained in detail how the process works. It was a big surprise and not what we were expecting.
Here is a very short synopsis of what happens.
Natural microbes are used to decompose the rubbish and a flow of air extracts 30% of the moisture.
The rubbish is sorted by huge revolving drums into different sizes. Magnets remove ferrous materials and an Eddy current separator removes non-ferrous materials which are recycled.
The remaining rubbish is shredded, baled and sent to Germany for incineration to produce electricity.
The whole process inside the warehouse is monitored by a control centre. It would be very unhealthy to work in that environment.
There is minimum impact to the environment and the process is energy efficient.
Planning permission is nearly finalised to build an incinerator close to the site where electricity can be produced and fed into the National Grid.
The website will give you more information and details of the MBT plant.
It was a fascinating visit and enjoyed by all.

click to open image

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