Bath Cats and Dog Home.

The Science & Engineering group spent a lovely sunny morning at the BCDH.  We were told all about the home and its history, and some of the ways in which they help all distressed animals.  Images of visit.

This little girl is patiently waiting

It cost 1.4m per year to run and is not funded by the RSPCA, so all the fund raising ideas were explained to us, and it really showed what hard work it is to maintain the premises. It has 300 volunteers, which enable it to function.

We then enjoyed a tour around the home, and saw all the improvements and innovative changes that have been introduced over the past three years to enable the dogs in particular to be less stressed. One huge difference was that there was silence when we arrived, I remembered the continuous barking that greeted visitors because of the stress the dogs felt being overlooked by other dogs, this has been remedied by building wooden fences around each dog, so they don’t see other dogs in the compound.  Its made a huge difference. It might look like barracks, but the animals are very happy.  Also the Carousel buildings that keep each dog out of site of its canine neighbour. The Sensory Garden enables timid dogs to adjust to smells and sounds outside of the kennel while being safe. The cat pods were so good, each cat had its own 2 room pod with cat flap, and a small box garden with cat mint and ‘chewy’ grasses, and access to privacy if frightened. Cats are taken one by one into the bigger garden,( see in photos,) for a run around as often as possible, to de stress them. They can climb, dig holes etc.


One interesting design fault was that the new Reception pods that were made have had to be redesigned as they faced the Pods with perspex, and this was south facing, so the animals overheated, and new plans are afoot for these to be re designed.  All in all a delight to see animals cared for, with top notch veterinary care and trained staff, who make the lives of animals, the best that can be whilst they are there.  We were unable to take images inside the BCDH.  Once again a great visit arranged by Sally…Thank you!

Heres the link to some of the cats that need homes NOW!

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