Atworth Botanical Gardens

This week the Gardening Group had a wonderfully informative visit to the Gardens (as seen in Chelsea). During the tour by Terry- we found out so much about Foxgloves, the different species, how to tell if they are perennial or not. How to propogate perennials. Why some honey bees can’t climb inside some varieties, it goes on and on. Such a lovely free rambling nursery, without a ‘shop’ in sight, but fantastic foxgloves, of all shapes and sizes, with the most amazing names,

Lemoncello-Pam’s Choice- Primrose Carousel-Lutea-John Innes Tetra.

There is a link to One Drive images, that you can look at and then discard or copy.!Aq7TpCcKd3VCk2-iFyjfPQXWqJyH  

Images by Shelia and Steph        

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