Architecture Group Visit to A.B.Dynamics. BOA

Images of the A.B. Dynamics Visit.  This is a One Drive link 

” I was glad that ten of us were able to visit the new AB
Dynamics factory on the Holt Road yesterday, where Simon Little and
Andrew Brooks of SRA Architects explained the requirements (brief) and
the principles of the design, with manufacturing on the ground floor and
design offices above.  The firm is carrying out innovative work on robot
systems for vehicle testing and operation, including automatic driving.
Simon Little has said he will send more information about their work
(including to those who were  not on the visit).

It is a striking building — some would say too striking, given its
prominent position at one of the entrances to the town, but the site was
determined by the developers of the Kingston Farm site.  The building
has a steel frame, allowing flexibility in its internal divisions, and
has north-facing rooflights as well as big areas of glass with
brise-soleil strips to prevent excessive heat in summer.  Heating and
cooling is by a system of ducts within the floor structure.  The
cladding is in profiled steel backed by thermal insulation.  Inside we
were impressed by the open areas of fully serviced floors where the
design teams will work with easy contact with the manufacturing/assembly
spaces below.”

Gareth Slater

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