When the idea for this group was first introduced the reaction amongst the Bradford on Avon u3a members was amazing. ‘Just what we need’ came from everyone and that was reflected at the inaugural meeting at Olea Mediterranean on the 30th  of July when 27 turned up.

The initial idea for the group was to set up a communication network for people living alone to be able to invite like-minded people to activities in the community that they wanted to attend but were reluctant to go on their own. It could be just a simple drink down the local, a lunch at their favourite restaurant, a trip to the theatre or cinema, a visit to a National Trust Garden or even an art exhibition. The ideas put forward at the first meeting were endless. Added to the initial suggestion of people living alone was for those with partners who didn’t want to join in their preferred activities. Several members who have just moved into the area have also asked to be part of the group in order to be introduced to local social activities. 

The method of communication chosen was WhatsApp and the majority of members were happy with that although there have been a few teething problems setting it up but it has been a great learning experience for us all. The few members unable to use WhatsApp are being include via email.

How does it work? Once you have joined the group you post what you intend to do with full details and invite anyone who are interested to contact you directly. Members have had five meetings now on a Saturday morning at Olea in order to iron out any wrinkles which has the added advantage of people getting to know one another. These meetings will continue for the time being for any member who is free. Numbers are growing and we are into the 40 plus so if you are interested in joining contact:-

June Bailey (07910344429)

or Mags Harrison (07747047329)