Current Affairs

Every 1st Thursday each month
11am – 12.30pm
at the coordinators home
Sheila Blethyn
01225 866150

Sheila Blethyn proposes setting up a third Current Affairs Group.  This one basing itself in Town Centre,  [whereas the other two are successfully centred around the southern side of town].  Sheila proposes basing the Group in one of our many cafe’s or pubs, who are willing to let us use an area in their buildings on the understanding that we support them by buying a drink, biscuit, slice of cake etc. in return.

This would be run fortnightly on alternate Mondays, around coffee [or tea!] time from 11.00-12.30
Please contact Sheila Blethyn:   To register your interest and confirm details.  Tel: 01225 866150 or email