Literature Discussion

Last Wednesday of month in the upstairs room, the Library. 10.15am-11.45am

 Anne Sheppard  01225 864112

Jill Burke  01225 862786

If you think discussing literature means only reading “War and Peace” etc please read on….

While literature is commonly used to refer to written work both before and since Shakespeare, of lasting artistic significance, it also refers to books, articles or anything written in particular subjects areas such as science, law or cookery. Leaflets, newspaper or magazine articles, reviews and journal articles are all considered literature. Even printed words advertising products are called ‘advertising and promotional literature’.

This is not a typical ‘book club’ where everyone reads the same thing. Here members bring something they’ve read (including books) that they’ve found enjoyable, interesting, thought provoking, controversial, boring or problematic and this initiates discussion within the group.