We now have a Thursday group ( David 01373 467208)and a Friday group (Jon 01761 232520) David’s group has spaces so please contact him for more information.

The Thursday group (1st Thursday of month) meets at Widbrook Grange with David Chedgy. The Friday group (1st Friday of month) meets at various locations with Jon Durrant. Both groups start at 10am.

Pollen Provider - Val Ball
Pollen Provider – Val Ball

Bradford on Avon Photographic Friday Group was formed in the spring of 2013 and is made up of 30 members who meet monthly. The group is open to all those with a keen interest in photography regardless of equipment and experience. In addition to monthly meetings, visits to places such as wildlife centres, gardens, historic buildings, and exhibitions are arranged, plus various workshops. Any enquiries should be made to Jon Durrant.

We now have a second photography group which meets on the 1st Thursday of the month. This group is currently meeting at Widbrook Grange and is run by David Chedgy.

In 2017 the Friday group held a photography exhibition in the West Barn which was visited by so many people who really admired the photographs.


Some wildlife photos from the Friday group.

U3A WEB PHOTOS 005         U3A WEB PHOTOS 001





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