Flexible days, times and locations
Sally Ashton (867797)

 Members of the group have different life experiences and not necessarily come from a Science and Engineering background.

We all share a common interest to learn more about the Science and Engineering around us.

The focus of the group is to visit different places and find out the Science and Engineering processes involved.

Interesting lectures are also arranged.

Places visited include – Hills waste solutions, Trowbridge sewerage works, Dents glove factory, RSPCA Centre Bath, BoA Fire Station, Lackam Farm, Hinckley Point, Royal Mint and many more.

Lectures – Geology local to us, Science behind Archaeology, History of Computers, Air Traffic Control over Britain, Saltford Mill to name a few.

We can hopefully, learn from these experiences and gain a better understanding.

Each month a visit or lecture is arranged.

Times and days are decided by the constraints of the places we visit and the lecturers availability.


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