Science and Engineering

Flexible days, times and locations
Sally Ashton
01225 867797


Aluminium Can Bale Materials Recycling Facility Compton Bassett, S Cundy 070109 (1)
Aluminium Can Bale Materials Recycling Facility Compton Bassett,
Northacre MBT Treatment Centre


Group Leader Sally Ashton
01225 867797

Ideally members of the group should have  different life experiences and not necessarily have a scientific background.

The focus would be to look at the wealth of Science and Engineering projects which are all around us. We would need to visit a lot of these places to find out what is happening and hopefully learn from these experiences and have a better understanding.

Recent meetings have produced a list of exciting opportunities and varied group trips.

We aim to visit one place a month, not at a particular time or day, this is decided by the constraints of the places we  hope to visit.

Interested?  contact Sally Ashton on 01225 867797 to register

Details of up and coming visits

 9th July: Hills Waste Solutions Calne☑
25th September, Trowbridge Sewage and Water☑
20th October, Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station☑
25th November. Sainsbury.s  Bradford on Avon  2-4p.m.
22nd December. Meet at The Swan BoA 2-4p.m.☑
26th February. Visit to Herschel Museum of Astrology☑
Sutton Bingham Reservoir.☑
Science and engineering group visit to the water treatment works at Sutton Bingham reservoir. Do we take our drinking water for granted?  Our March visit increased our understanding  of the processes involved in filtering our water…

Saltford Mill   .         July 2016☑
Walking in the wake of Magellan.     U3A Science & Engineering Group Lecture.☑
January     Visit to MBT Treatment Centre. Northacre.☑
January. Meet The Swan Quiz and Chat.☑
Dents Glove Factory. Warminster

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