Our first general meeting of the New Year will be on Thursday 11th at 2:30pm
in the United Church. The last time we had a speaker he brought us lots of items to handle but will this happen again?

Perhaps not because at this meeting as we shall be learning about Mountain Gorillas!
This sounds an exciting way to start the New Year meeting so make a date and we will see you there .

Did you make any New Year Resolutions? Get fitter? Have a go at something new? Keep the mind more active? Meet new people?

Whatever your resolution we hope your U3A will have a group to help you. Have a look through the list of activities that our groups cover and maybe there will be something that will appeal – or you might be tempted to start or help lead a group – Veronica would love to hear from you!

Have you ever wondered why the U3A is successful in Bradford on Avon. One word sums up the answer ‘VOLUNTEERS.’ The committee are all volunteers and so are all the group leaders. So when someone finds that it is time to ‘retire’ from serving the U3A we shout HELP !
Veronica who has been our group co-ordinator for ages will retire from the committee in July and we will need a replacement. Please consider if this is something you could do – Veronica will come alongside, guide you and share all her experience and tips. Please speak to Veronica or any of our committee for more information.

We want to run a monthly feature about one of our groups and for January we are looking at PHILOSOPHY

The Philosophy group are a mixed bunch of people who are keen to discuss various topics which fall under their understanding of  philosophy. We have some who are well-versed on the subject as well as others who have never had the time to study it.
Especially interesting has been a recent discussion on The Nature of Reality  – which turned into a fascinating discussion it being of course, a subject that even the experts are still finding it hard to fathom while some of the possibilities suggested are truly amazing.
Currently there are an equal number of men and women in the group when about 8 of us sit around a table where someone will introduce a subject of interest to them for discussion. The meetings begin in the Swan at 2.30 and are on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.
Judy Lanteigne

Attached are a few images of the Tree Festival. We enjoyed being in Holy Trinity Church, having a drink together before sharing an excellent hot meal and pudding – thank you so much to Janet Neale for cooking such a lovely meal for us. The 22 piece swing band from the Bath U3A played lively and traditional music for us to listen or dance to! The raffle was fun. Thanks to everyone who came and made this party a great success.

Lots of people have asked how we could do the party for £5 a head and we have to clarify that it was subsidised so that we could ensure it was very good quality.

Thank you to all the groups who put together the magnificent baubles for our Christmas Tree – thanks to Steph and Veronica and everyone else who helped to produce this work of art.

These are the groups that we have listed at present. We have a few (not named here) that should start soon. Please note we are still looking for someone to volunteer to take over the ‘History of Houses’ group. There are many members in this group and it would be great if a team could be formed to share the running and the organisation.

Groups list