September Newsletter and Monthly Meeting** Date:14th September 2017 2:30p.m
General News:
Councillor Alex Kay will be in the Tea Room after the next meeting in the United Church on Thursday 14th September to answer any Questions about the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum which will take place on Wednesday 20th September.

This year the December meeting will be a Christmas Party at lunchtime in Holy Trinity Church. Further details to follow.

Outings – We need a volunteer or preferably 2 or 3 that would be willing to help organise Outings for the members to assist John Box. This cannot be arranged by one person and help is needed as soon as possible.

Group News
Two new groups Art and German (intermediate level) Monthly meeting

NOTE FOR ALL MEMBERS: Please confirm with your Group Leader that you have renewed your membership by carrying your membership card when you attend your group’s next session. The current card is a hi-viz orange colour – does that help you identify it!?

Note: If you have not renewed, you will not be covered by U3A insurance in the event of any incident occurring.